Videography is coverage of events and the creation of a fun-to-watch video. We cover most types of events both social and business related. Weddings, Anniversaries, Parties, Sporting Evenets, Theater, Business Meetings, Seminars, Corporate events.

If you are looking for wedding Videography, Please see our deidicated site here
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We can concieve, plan, shoot, edit and deliver almost anything you can dream up. We offer a full range of chocies for your video project. Want to get yourself or your business on the web with sites like YouTube?

We can help make you stand out by looking and sounding professional. We create videos for training, advertising, human resources, nonprofits, organizartions and individuals.

Our video production team has nearly 30 years of experiance in the indutrsy. Give us a call today about your project.

We edit existing video footage, adding titles, graphics and music to create a concise video that is enoyable to watch.
Your home movies become so much more fun to view when all of the spaces and bad shots have been removed. the “too long” shots shortened and titles added.

For business we take your footage and create HR videos, advertising or promo videos.